Why Does My Corgi Stare At Me?

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Your Corgi is a lively little champ that runs around your house almost all the time but sometimes, it could just stop and stare at you with such focus and calmness that it kind of freaks you out. Am I right?

And If I am, I assume you want to know why that is. Well then, lets learn exactly what makes a Corgi stare at its human so much.

There are two reasons why Corgis would stare at their humans and here, they are:

Reason One: is an instinctive habit of being a herding dog breed. When a Corgi herds, it usually gets commands from its owner which is why it may still look at you in hopes of getting some reaction or response from you although there may not even be any animals for it to herd as your pet.

Reason Two: is simply because the little guy just loves you. One of the ways, the doggo shows it’s affection is by staring at you, hoping that you will provide the same attention and affection.

Why Does My Corgi Stare At Me?
Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

Plus, If you are wondering “Then, why do that with such focus?”, well, that is also due to herding instincts. Corgis are really energetic but they are also highly observant.

For example, having to check on the livestock and human’s commands simultaneously requires good senses and for such senses to pick up on all the surroundings, a Corgi needs its focus.

However, I assume your Corgi is just your pet and does not heard any livestock. In that case, the dog is probably just observing you to know when it gets its cuddles, foods, toys, treats and etc.

Does my Corgi stare At Me When It Is Sad?

Yes, your Corgi may look at you when it is sad as well. You see, dogs including Corgis have a number of ways to communicate their thoughts and feelings such as body language, hyperactivity and barking. So, staring is also one of those.

However, not just sadness, Corgis use staring as a way to express basically every emotion they have. They can be both negative and positive emotions.

Why Does My Corgi Stare At Me?
Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

Is it a bad thing that my Corgi stares at me?

No, it is not a bad thing as long as your Corgi does it to express positive emotions to you or even just ask for attention, cuddles and treats.

As you already know, your Corgi could stare at you when it is suffering from negative emotions such as loneliness, anxiety/separation-anxiety and even depression.

However, here is the thing. The fact that your Corgi stares at you is not a clear sign that it is suffering mentally or even physically. The only way you can determine that is by checking whether the dog shows any other obvious indications of negative emotions or illnesses.

For example, if your Corgi is lonely and sad, it may show signs of not eating as much, being less active and sleeping too much (these could be symptoms of a physical illness too). So, along with such indications, if your dog also stares at you, then, likely, it should mean your dog is actually lonely and sad.

Here is how to turn your Corgi’s staring habit into something of your advantage

If you read everything above, you probably should know that your Corgi staring at you is nothing concerning which is great but we do not have to stop there. We can make this habit into something even better.

A well-focused dog can easily be trained. That means, you also can teach your Corgi any command or trick you want much easier and faster.

Therefore, whenever the dog looks at you, try to teach a new command as it means you have its full attention now.

Use positive reinforcement training to train the dog. It is a method, used to motivate dogs to obey you and your commands by giving them treats, toys and praise.

So, every time, your Corgi listens to you, try giving a reward.

Frankly, the staring habit + positive reinforcement is such an effective combo that you can train your dog to not only listen to your commands but also, even compete in dog sports.

Why Does My Corgi Stare At Me?
Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

Here Is How to Control Your Corgi’s Staring Habit

As I said above, now you know a Corgi can be trained more effectively if it is tempted to stare at you all the time. However, the action “starring” itself can also be a command.

In other words, you can teach your Corgi to stare or not stare at you on command. When you say something like “look at me” or “look away”, the dog will listen to you. It’s simple as that.

Use positive reinforcement training to teach this command as well.

Here is how I would have teach a Corgi this command.

  • First, I would say the command name “look At Me”. With that, now I have the dog’s attention. The second It looks at me, I would give it a reward.
  • Then, I would say the other command name “Look Away”. The dog probably would not just listen to you at first. So, ask someone else to be near you and your dog with a reward in their hand.
  • Then, tell them to show it to the dog right after you said “Look Away”.
  • Then, when it looks at the other person with the reward, that means the dog is looking away from you. Now, tell, that person to give the reward to the dog.
  • After that, say the command one again now “Look At Me” and repeat the rest of the steps as well for a couple more times.
  • Repeat this set of steps a few times everyday for a few days and surely, your Corgi will learn the command in no time.

Final Thoughts

So, if your Corgi ever stares at you again, now you know why.

Remember that this habit is mostly, a sign that your dog loves you. You see, it could look at any one or anything but it chooses to look at you. Now, that is wholesome. Isn’t it.

So, if you are ever worried your Corgi may be feeling unwell and therefore, it stares at you to tell that to you, I suggest you always keep an eye on the dog and the other indications it will show when having a sickness.

Like I said above, the staring habit is not a clear sign of a sickness.

In other words, you do not have to be concerned about your little Corgi’s creepy but in reality, sweet and affectionate gaze.

Featured image credit : Photo by huoadg5888 from Pixabay

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