Why does my Corgi sleep on its back?

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Whenever you see your Corgi sleeping, you can not help but notice how adorable and funny it looks. So you take all kinds of photos of the little guy but lately, you’ve been noticing the doggo is sleeping on its back quite a lot and you wonder why? In other words, you want to know whether it is normal for a Corgi to sleep on its back.

So Why does my Corgi sleep on its back?

Well, a Corgi sleeps on its back for comfort and to show its trust and submission to you. However, another reason is to regulate the body temperature since exposing the belly that has the thinnest fur to the air, helps the doggo keep cool.

Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

It is believed the position a Corgi sleeps in has different meanings. However, the sleeping position is based on where the dog is going to lie down to sleep and who is around them. You see, if somebody else was around your Corgi instead of you, it will not sleep on its back since the dog may only show its submission to you.

Although, you might think they are little details, to Corgis, it is a big deal.

Is it bad that my Corgi sleeps on its back?

No, a Corgi sleeping on its back is a completely normal occurrence as it means the dog is having a deep-sleep while relaxing all its muscles and that the dog trusts you to be on that vulnerable position since he/she feels safe and secure. Also, it indicates the confidence of the dog that there are no any threats in the house.

Is my Corgi happy when it sleeps on its back?

Yes most likely, the Corgi is happy since sleeping on its back gives them so much comfort and coolness but that does not mean a Corgi would not sleep on its back when it is sad or hurt.

You see, when a dog is in pain or upset, they will try to react to those circumstances or feelings by doing certain things such as getting hyperactive or even the opposite, being less active. However, sleeping on back can also be a way to react to an uneasy feeling since that position may help the dog relieve the suffering. (It can be due to a sickness physically or being down mentally such as anxiety).

Nonetheless, you can not tell a Corgi is sad or suffering from a sickness just by the position it sleeps in. You have to check for the main symptoms of sicknesses.

Other confirmable sleeping positons of a Corgi (Beside sleeping on back)

Photo by Peter Emery on Unsplash

The most comfortable or favorite sleeping position of a Corgi changes based on where they sleep and who is around them as I mentioned previously. So here are some of the coziest sleeping positions of a Corgi.

Sleeping on back (The Passed Out Sleeping Position)

This is known as the passed out sleeping position which is also the coziest. However, since I already talked about this one above, let’s get into the other positions.

Crazy Legs:

This one is similar to The Passed Out Position, in fact this is literally the same as it except the dog’s legs are pointing upwards unlike The Passed Out Position where the dog’s front paws are lying on its chest.

Also, this sleeping position is basically as same as The Passed Out Position in giving the dog comfort and the coolness.

Side Sleeping:

Photo by lasse bergqvist on Unsplash

This is also a common sleeping position which also exposes the belly of the dog to the air, meaning your Corgi is not feeling hot since having its belly exposed gives a nice chilliness and also, the dog trusts you and therefore, is super comfortable.

Mostly, Corgis take naps in this position for short periods but sometimes, it may feel so cozy that they even sleep for longer.


This is another adorable sleeping position. By the name, you can get an idea, the dog sleeps on its stomach like the Superman flaying position.

However, this means the dog is feeling quite playful and in a stand-by position to get up easily. Also, since the belly is not exposed to the air, that might mean the doggo is feeling chilly and wants to feel hot.

Curly Sue:

When a Corgi sleeps in this position, it lies on the stomach, hiding its paws under the body while curling the tail. That means dogs sleep like this mainly when they feel cold and want comfort and warmth just like in the Superman position.

Photo by Nataliia Kvitovska on Unsplash

Beside Corgis, do other dog breeds also sleep on their backs?

Yes, all the domesticated dog breeds sleep on their backs and also feel just as normal and comfortable as it does to Corgis.

However, hunting dog breeds tend to not sleep in this position as often since it means the dog is in a vulnerable position and therefore, open to possible threats even though the dog maybe at home and safe with its human.

In other words, no matter how domesticated a dog can be, if it has breed lines of hunting dogs, the natural hunting instincts of it will also stay in the genetics and will get triggered when needed.

Final Thoughts

Corgis sleep on their backs for comfort and to show that you have earned its trust. This sleeping position is also known as “The Passed Out Sleeping Position” and it is certainly a normal thing for a Corgi to want to sleep like that. However, there are other restful and cozy sleeping positions too such Side Sleeping and Crazy Legs.

Nonetheless, as long as your Corgi is having a healthy diet and getting plenty of daily activity done with regular visits to the vet’s office for examinations, what position, the dog is sleeping in does not necessarily matter or mean anything significant.

Photo by Andrew Santellan on Unsplash

Featured image credit: Photo by fatty corgi on Unsplash

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