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We all want a best friend in our life, “a good boy/girl” that is Affectionate and loyal. Well, when I think of that, Many dog breeds come to my mind but Siberian Husky is one of my firsts always. So, my friend recently adopted one and the first thing he asked me before buying was that how much does a Siberian Husky cost. So here is the answer for you all too.

Normally, the price of a Siberian Husky is between $600 and $1,300 and the average price can be amounted to about $750 but Huskies that are pure-bred with pedigree certification will cost much more. That means the price-range for such top-quality dogs can start from about $1400 and go up as high as even $6000.

We are talking about the dogs that are above average and with extraordinary breed lines but most Siberian Huskies do not cost that much although they are top-quality and pure-bred.

Also, remember that the price can be any number within the price-range based on factors such as: location, age, gender, color, lineage and more.

With that said, let’s go for an in-depth overview of the costs of raising a Siberian Husk and also, the factors that cause the prices to change.

How Much Does A Siberian Husky Puppy Cost
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The cost of adopting a Siberian Husky

Nevertheless, another cheaper and even better option is to adopt a dog rather than buy one. To adopt a Siberian Husky, it will cost you between $350 to $550 and that price includes, registering, getting sprayed and vaccinations.

It’s a much better option. Don’t you think?! Because, you get to save some money but most importantly you are offering a home to a sweet dog that genuinely needs one.

The factors that determine the price of a Siberian Husky


Regardless of you choosing to buy or adopt a Siberian Husky, the age will play an important role in the price you pay.

Puppies that are within the age of 8-12 weeks are the highest-priced ones whereas a dog that is one year or older will be much cheaper.

For example, if you were to adopt an older dog (1+ years old), you will have to pay an adoption fee of about $350 approximately.  

The reason that the age impacts the price even when adopting a dog is because that younger Huskies are demanded by people much more than the older ones. So most shelters have to get a higher price for puppies to encourage people or rather give an incentive for people to buy older dogs since they are low in price.

However, if you adopt an older Husky, there are no disadvantages. They are also super adorable.

In fact, there are actually more advantages with older Huskies

Such as:

  • You do not have to housetrain them because they are already trained to interact with human and be affectionate with them.
  • They are even-tempered compared to puppies who are all out energetic like toddlers.

So depending on your preference you can go for a younger or older Husky. Both are stunning and loving in their own way.

Husky Colors

Unlike many other breeds, Siberian Huskies come in a huge range of coat colors and patterns,

Such as:

Black, White, Black & White, Red & White, Silver-gray, Sable & White, Grey, Black & Tan Gray & White.

And how price changes according to the color of a husky is simple. The rarer the color and pattern of a Siberian Husky, the higher the price. The rarest Husky color is pure whites. They are really difficult to find and can cause you about $2,500 to buy one.

However, always make sure to buy your Husky from a legitimate breeder that breeds with a priority of ensuring the wellbeing and the health of the Huskies rather than the looks.  


Usually, there is no any difference that the gender of a Siberian Husky would make but Male huskies tend to weigh more than the females and that means you might have to spend a little more money on males to feed them but for the most part, gender has no role in making the price high or low of a Husky.


Lineage is an essential factor that varies the price of a Husky. If the breeder has proof that a puppy is of pure-bred with exceptional bloodlines. Then that Husky will be much more expensive than a Husky with just average Bloodlines.

In fact, you will have to pay an extra amount of $500 or more for the dog with those best bloodlines but these pups with excellent pure-bred genes are normally bought by other breeders to add some differentiations when breeding other puppies.

And most people who want to buy a Husky usually buy pet-quality Huskies rather than focusing on the bloodlines. So unless you are also not interested in the Lineage of a Husky too much but want a loving pet, then yeah it is best to buy a Husky without worrying much about the bloodlines. That way, you will not have to pay an utterly high price as well.


Location is unlikely to be an important factor for the price but for example, let’s say that you are interested in a certain breeder that is really professional and legitimate but far away from where you live. Now that can be an issue.

Which means you will have to pay extra money since flying a puppy is quite expensive. Therefore, try to find a breeder that is close enough to where you live. So that you can drive to get the pup with no hesitation.

But if you do not have an issue with spending a bit more money. Then yeah definitely no problem with the Location factor.

Certification of the breeder

Breeders who are AKC-certified tend to price their puppies quite higher since each puppy is registered as AKC and the process of registering is pretty expensive.

But a breeder does not have to be AKC-certified to be recognized as a legitimate breeder. There are many breeders who are not certified in any way but yet, they are breeding extremely healthy and cheerful puppies.

Just make sure to do some research of the breeder before you buy a dog from them.

Photo by Yuliya kota from Pexels

How much Does it cost to raise a Siberian Husky (for the average lifespan of the dog)

According to petbudget, after buying or adopting your Siberian Husky puppy, it will cost you about $3,575 for the first year. After that, it will be about $1,505 per year ($125 per month).

Also, the average cost of having a Siberian Husky for the full lifespan of the dog is approximately $21,635.

The costs of taking care of a Siberian Husky

Other than the cost to adopt or buy a Husky, there are more costs in terms of money and effort.

If you are not aware of these aspects of having a dog, it will be quite the shocker to know about them after you got a doggo. From feeding and regular vet’s office visits to all the pet supplies, it can cause you a decent amount of money monthly.

As a part of being a responsible best friend to your dog, learning what these expenses beforehand is a good initial step in having a pet. So that you can prepare. .After all that is what being a good pet parent is. Don’t you guys think?!

Here is a list of main expenses you can expect:

The cost to feed a Siberian Husky

This is an expense that will occur on regular basis. Mostly, it is best to calculate the amount of money needed to spend on food monthly.

Being a medium to large sized dog, a Siberian Husky has a pretty healthy appetite. A husky usually eats 2 to 3 cups of food each day but it can be different from one dog to another based on size, age and health conditions.

But the safest way to determine the proper amount of food your dog should be eating is by consulting with your vet.

Quality dog food is typically priced within $2 to $3 for each pound. One pound has about 4 cups of food.

And for a month, you need about 23 pounds of food which will cost you approximately $60 monthly while For a whole year, it would be about $720.

However, I think for an average American, that is actually not a huge expense considering it is for the whole year but again it can depend on the country and its currency.

Oh One more thing. Never forget about the treats and They will cost you around $5 to $10 per month.

Treats are essential to supplement the doggo for better health and also to make them feel rewarded for being a good boy/girl.

Equipment cost to keep your Husky happy

There are certain items that you should buy especially, when you first adopted or bought your dog to make them feel happy and protected.

And of course, this is not a reoccurring cost every month or so but it is better to know about them.

Here is a quick list of some of the items:

Food and water bowls, one or two comfy pillows, Dog toys, bedding, a harness or a leash for walks, a crate and a Collar and Id Tags.

Since you are getting your Husky for the first time, you will have to buy all these items and the cost would be anywhere within $200 to $700. Nonetheless, it depend on the brands and where you buy them from.

How much does it cost for vet expenses of a Siberian Husky?

Going to the vet’s office has to be the most crucial thing that you can not miss when having a dog. Regular visits to it can help your Husky grow healthily and happily.

Some of the benefits of going to the vet’s office are:

  • Getting measurements of your Husky to track how the doggo is growing and whether it is at a healthy weight for its age
  • With regular examinations, you can detect and any lumps or bumps that could lead to cancer and also you can make sure that it is not having any symptoms of other serious health conditions such as heart diseases, high blood pressure or bladder diseases.
  • The doggo will get the vaccinations to prevent infections and all kinds of other diseases
  • You, as the pet parent can learn how to feed and treat your dog depending on the health condition of your Husky .

However, Siberian Husky is an excellent breed with outstanding bloodlines that does not have any genetic defects but there is still a chance for them to have certain diseases which is why getting professional help from the vet is crucial.

But the bills can be considerably expensive for veterinary help. So, learning the kind of diseases your Husky could have and how much it will cost to prevent them at the vet’s office can be great for you to prepare for such situations. 

According to petbudget, to raise a dog with regular veterinary help, it costs you about $595 along with an additional amount of $250 for a spay/neuter procedure (If needed).

And after the first year, the cost on average, will be about $605 but this can change depending on different circumstances such as the dog’s health conditions.

Common health conditions of Siberian Huskies and their costs

Health Condition Estimated Cost for Treatments
Allergies$100 – $2,000 per year
Eye Abnormalities$300 – $3,000
Uveodermatologic Syndrome$500 – $1,800
Joint Abnormalities$350 – $3,900
Cancer$500 – $10,000
(Source –

What does it cost to breed a Siberian Husky puppy?

It seems that today, Some people also have quite a bit of interest in breeding puppies on their own. Yeah, that might be quite a wonderful and gratifying thing but it is also a complex process that should not be taken so lightly.

Also, you should take into consideration that the resources such as money and time you have to spend are also quite a bit since now you will have to take care of not only the parents but the puppies as well.

So, before you proceed with the breeding process, you must have a plan to provide the needs for the doggos especially for the puppies as they are so fragile and need to be looked after with a lot of protection.

The reality is that a lot of breeders seem to be not earning much profits. It already costs a huge amount of money just to provide the Huskies (Both parents and puppies) with enough maintenance and care.

Just imagine food, medical care, equipment and other supplies for all the doggos. It can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars’ worth of bills. So plan for all these things beforehand. It is an unavoidable step when it come to the breeding process.

Anyway, if you want to be a professional breeder, you can get registered at your local registering center and learn all about the process and the mental and physical resources that are needed to succeed properly.

Final Thoughts

Generally, Siberian Huskies cost between $600 and $1,300 and the exact price can change depend on a number of factors. However, after buying or adopting the dog, you also have to spend quite a bit of money on vet expenses and day-to-day dog producst such as foods, treats and toys.

So yes. It does cost a certain amount of money to get and raise a Siberian Husky. However, as long as you provide not only the needs of your dog but love, affection and attention from you, the doggo will always be happy and healthy.

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